Saturday, December 11, 2010

Ummm... I am going to have a baby soon...

Really soon I am going to be a mom of two! A little adorable 1.5 year old boy and a precious little newborn girl.

Was I on crack when I though this was a good decision???


Freaking out!

Right now I am offically in the third trimester and only have 11ish weeks before I do the newborn thing again. I seriously begged my doctor to let me stay pregnant as long as possible to buy me more time at my last appoinment.

I feel totally overwhelmed and so beyond not ready...

I also feel so incrediably blessed. I can't believe that I have the family I've always dreamed of... The family we've been through so much to get... I am not sure if this will be our last or not. We are just taking it one step at a time and rolling with the punches.

So for the nursery, we have decided to wait until June to set it up. Honestly, I'll be nursing and she'll be in our bed or a bassinet for the first few months anyway. I am going to get our guest room around so all we have to do is move the furniture out and the crib in. Then fluffy with pink accordingly.

I love this set and my parents are buying it for Evie...

The room is already painted a cream color so I think I am just going to touch it up and call it good.

I need to start stocking up on diapers. We also need another monitor and some clothes and perhaps a double stroller and then I think we'll be ready.

On another note... Charlie is huge and awesome! Walking, talking, CLIMBING... He's just amazing and is the light of our life. He is going to be a great big brother. He is so helpful and well tempered.

We are blessed.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Week 26...

When people said each pregnancy is different, I kind of didn't believe them...
But I don't believe I ever felt so pregnant before! Last time around, 26 weeks seemed like a breeze... This time, I am waddling and my hips are hurting something fierce! It is all part of this wonderful process and I know the payoff in the end will be more than worth it, but still I am taking this opportunity to whine just a little bit.

Also, a pretty cool thing about this time is that she moves like crazy! Charlie NEVER moved this much, but Evie lets me know she is there. She is going to be a pistol like her momma no doubt!

Ummm... And holy shit... Did I mention that in 14 short weeks we are going to have a second baby in our home! Two under two!

How blessed are we?

How scared am I?

We have NOTHING even close to ready... I keep telling myself that it is okay that she has no nursery because I will be nursing and she will be co-sleeping like Charlie for the first few months, but I am really just diluting myself into believing I am ready. She has barely any clothes... No crib... No Diapers...

I guess when it comes down to it she won't need much, my ta's and some dipes and wipes should really do, but I am a planner and I am freaking out that we aren't ready...

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


We are having a girl! I am so excited! Today we got to see her wiggle and move around via ultrasound. She is perfect and healthy and we could not be happier! I am practicing tons of self control by not buying every cute girl thing in sight. Etsy is the devil...

Evelyn Elizabeth, you are going to be one well dresses gal!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Hmmm... That's strange...

Lately things have just been strange...

Before, when I was pregnant, it was so different...

Only Tony touched my belly last time and maybe my mom once...
Now keep in mind, I am a big girl, so generally that area is off limits.
But this time, people have already touched my belly and I am kinda heebed out by it.
It happened, no lie, like 3 times this weekend by non-husband/mom people.
I feel very invaded. It is just strange.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Bad Blogger

I am a bad blogger...

I am swamped with school stuff and life stuff lately.
Plus, sleep is an amazing gift, so when I get the chance, it is my top hobby of choice!

Speaking of sleep...

Charlie has decided that he is not a baby that sleeps through the night anymore. He and I have spent many midnight hours together lately and all I can say is that it is a good thing he is so cute...

Speaking of refusing to do stuff...

Charlie also refuses to walk. He knows how, but he sees no reason to do it because he can crawl more efficently especially when I leave the baby gate opened.

He does give kisses and high fives. I totally teach him useless stuff, but it makes me smile to get his sloppy smooches. And honestly, what 1 year old needs to know how to read a book?

Going back to school after summer has been extremley difficult. It is even more difficult than going back from my maternity leave. I am struggling to balance it all, but Tony has been amazing at helping out. He is a great hubby to have and Charlie and I are lucky to have him.

What else???

There is so much!

I got a new car. My Beetle has been replaced with a Chevy Exquinox Mom-moble. I will miss my Buggy, but it is so nice to not have to crawl in the back to strap Charlie in and out.

As for the new pregnancy...

Holy Shit! I am 17 weeks. Where is this kid going to sleep? If it is a she, what will she wear? Double diapers! Breastfeeding again! Maternity leave!


I need to get planning!

We have names (Frankie or Evie short for Franklin Anthony or Evelyn Elizabeth) and will find out which it will be soon. Everything is progressing perfectly... Weird... But AWESOME!

Anyway... I have to pee so this is it for now... More soon... Actually, probably not so soon, but maybe!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Happy First Birthday

I have so many thoughts about this special day, but no words can come close to describing how much that little blue eyed boy means to me. We are having cake tonight and a huge party on Sunday so I will update then, but here is a link to his scrapbook I have been making for him. You may have to zoom to see the captions.

Click here to view this photo book larger

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Life Currently...

Life currently is a little crazy...

Charlie got sick this week for the first time in his life...

He had a random fever of 104 for like two days and holy shit that is scary! All the little guy wanted was to cuddle for three straight days. He just felt miserable. We went to the doctor and she couldn't find any ear or throat infections which meant that he had to go through some very unpleasant things to find out what was wrong. The first was a urine sample in which he had to have a catheter inserted to collect a sample to see if it was a bladder infection...
No dice...

Then he had to have a ridiculous amount of blood drawn for further testing. He was unhappy about all of this, but I was truly traumatized. Tony will now have the job of taking Charlie to the doctor because I cannot handle it...

Charlie is now on antibiotics and we'll have the lab results tomorrow. In the meantime his antibiotics are making him break out in rashy hives which makes him crankier than his knocked up mom...

Oh this is so fucking fun...

I just want my happy health boy back.

In other news, my boss totally announced that I was pregnant to all of my coworkers... Yea... At 10+ weeks... SofuckinglividandscaredthatIamnowjinxed... I felt I had to tell him, because word was spreading quick and I don't mind if people know, but if something happens, I don't want to have to face everyone to tell them...

I hate that kind of pity...

Speaking of school...

I go back in three weeks. I have loved the time with my boy, but I am ready to go back. He is also ready to spend time away from me. He totally loves hanging with his Aunt Jenny and cousin Brock and I am so pleased to have he care for him. She is great.

I am starting to do my lesson plans. I have most of my one prep done for the year, but the other is going to be a challenge. I am anal about being organized and insist on having my planning completed before school starts because it makes my year so much easier. This means that basically, I'll only have to look at a calendar and go to my unit binders grab the copies I need or mini-lesson notes for the day during the year. Plus, by doing this now it will help when I also my maternity leave rolls around.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

9 Weeks with #2

9 weeks...

This means that in 7 months, I will be a mom of two!

I am still nervous about the evil threat of miscarrying, but there is nothing that I can do if it happens.

As for symptoms... Still not many that I believe are true symptoms.

My tas don't hurt (although I have been faking this symptom so my husband leaves them be)...
I am a little bit queasy and totally exhausted and I pee a lot during the night... I also want to eat EVERYTHING.
I seriously cannot get enough to eat.
I didn't even let them weight me at my intake appointment today because I honestly think I have gained way too much.

Charlie is ignorantly blissful about this whole deal. He is unaware that in 7 month he is going to have to share his mommy. I feel a little bit bad about this, but I know he will adjust.

Speaking of adjustments... I am freaking out!

We need a new car because there is no way that 2 children will fit in my Beetle. I can also guarantee that at 8 months pregnant I will not be climbing in that backseat to buckle Charlie into the buggy.

We also will probably need a new crib because I am sure that transitioning Charlie to a big bed at 16 months would not be a good deal.

We will also need to set-up a bedroom for our new bundle of joy which means moving the guest bedroom junk to the basement (and in my mind making the basement livable and not yucky).

So much to do, so little time!

So excited and so blessed!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


This weekend we went camping in the new tent Tony got for father's day. It was hot, but we had a blast. We spent the weekend with two of our close friend couples with boys with the same age as Charlie. We went to the TC Cherry festival and then the beach. It was a great way to spend some much needed time as a family. Here are some pics to show our fun!

Charlie LOVES swimming.
This picture doesn't even come close to showing how much he enjoys splashing around...

He is so brave. He totally crawls out until the water starts to cover his face and wants nothing to do with any floaty devices.

He also loved the sand. He ate at least 3 fist fulls.

After swimming, Charlie was tuckered out, so he took a little nap.

Charlie was perched on top of his daddy's shoulders for the entire show and was totally captivated. He must get that from me because I also love fireworks.

Overall, it was a great weekend with great friends and I find myself wondering how will these outing go with two!

Speaking of number two... How blessed am I?

I almost feel like this is too good to be true.

My numbers are doubling and I don't even have to go one progestrone this time.

I have an ultrasound on the 20th of this month and I am so excited and hopeful to see that little heartbeat.

I am also feeling all of those emotions that I felt before.

I am scared...

I am so scared to lose another.

I know what could be and it makes me sad about the things that weren't.

Because of my experiences, I will never take motherhood or my children for granted. Everyday I wake up and I know what a blessing I have.

Today, I saw a mom yelling at her 11 month old in the store.

The words "no, you are bad" spewed from her mouth and my heart shattered.

What 11 month old is bad?

I hate that some people have the privledge to be a mom. They are trash and don't deserve it.

Anyway... That was buggin' me.

Not many symptoms yet. I feel extra sleepy, but charlie hasn't been sleeping well so I attribute it to that.

I wish I felt something more.

A sore boob, a gag...


Oh well...

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Photo Update

Charlie's Baptism

Swaddled and Sleeping

Feb. 14th

6 Months

St. Patrick's Day

7 Months


8 Months

The Atlantic Ocean

Playing in the sand on spring break...

Play Time!

9 Months

Toilet Paper Fun

Playing in the Pacific Ocean

Momma Love

Splish Splash

More Momma Love

10 Months
Charlie is going to be a big brother! I am due on March 1st!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Oh Baby!

Oh Baby
Oh Baby
Oh Baby!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A great big update!

So I have noticed that I am a shitty mommy blogger, but oh well.
Now that it is summer, hopefully I will find time to post more...
So here is what we have been up to during the last couple of months...
I am starting way back in February, because that is when I really started to slack...

-Returned to work :(
-Sister-in-Law, Cousin and In laws watch Charlie while I am gone
-The daycare is going well, but I MISS CHARLIE so much so that Tony and I fight over who gets to put him to sleep
-Breastfeeding has officially ceased
-He mastered rolling and scooting backwards and he says momma
-At his 6 month check-up his weight is 18 pounds and 9 ounces and he is 27.5 inches tall
-His favorite toy is the fan pull (Thanks daddy for teaching him that!)

-I adjust to work and am counting the days until summer break
-Charlie and momma have conversations back and forth by squealing
-Charlie now crawls (it is more like and inchworm) and reaches for toys
-He wears size 3 diapers and is in 6-9 month clothing
-Two teeth on the bottom made appearances this month
-Almost spring break!

-Charlie crawls (inchworms) all over... We totally need to baby proof our house!
-Charlie celebrates Easter and mommy gets some super cute pictures
-Spring break road trip to South Carolina is a success
-Visited the Atlantic Ocean and ate sand
-Pull ups are not just a diaper... Charlie now climbs on everything.
-Cousin Brittany babysits Charlie for Momma & Poppa's first date night since he was born
-Currently weight 21.10 pounds and is 29 inches tall

-The crawl is officially a four wheeling crawl at full speed
-Two more teeth show up, this time they are on top
- Charlie is in 9-12 month clothing and weighs 22.08 pounds and 29.5 inches tall
-Harvey, Charlie's new cousin, is born
-Charlie flies to California for a wedding and back all in one weekend
-Toes splash in the Pacific ocean and no sand is eaten this time
-Poppa takes Charlie on his first lawn mower ride
-Grandma and Grandpa R watch Charlie over night while mommy and daddy go to a wedding. This is the first time we ever left him with anyone over night.

-Chunks of soft food are Charlie's favorite especially strawberries
-Summer break starts!
-Charlie visits the cabin up-north two week-end in a row
-Two more teeth pop through on the top
-Our chubby cubby wear size 4 diapers and is in 12-18month clothing
-He is cruising all over and will be walking in no time
-Charlie can high-five, make fart noises on my skin, and move his hand up and down on his lips to make the cutest sound ever

Wow! That took a while... Anyway hope you enjoyed the update, a picture update will be coming soon!

Oh, and I hope you like the new look! I needed a change!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Leaving on a Jet Plane...

Charlie is flying from the first time tomorrow.
I am super nervous and I still need to pack.
We are heading to Cali for a wedding. It is a super quick trip which is a shame because I love Cali.


Did I mention my baby is huge! 22.08 pounds 29 inches! He has three teeth and the forth is poking out. He is into everything. He loves to play peek-a-boo and pat-a-cake and he is finally crawling with his belly off the ground. He is growing too fast. I am afraid if I blink he will be graduating and having babies of his own. My love for him cannot be put into words. My husband and I make a good team.

He isn't a big brother yet, but he is a big cousin. After years of infertility treatments, my brother and SIL just had their second. Without assistance!

Also... On another note, two people I know fairly well have recently miscarried. I know no words heal that pain, so I cry. I cry for them and their loss. I cry because I know that pain and sometimes it hurts to know I lost two little ones that could have been as wonderful and as perfect as Charlie. But we can't live thinking about the could have beens... We just have the what is and the what is, is perfect and sleeping in the next room for now at least.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Busy, busy, busy...

Just when I though life couldn't get busier, it does! Work has been killing me lately. So much grading and so many extra activities are bogging me down. The good news is that I am getting my tenure and in the teaching business, this is a BIG deal. I am also getting a student teacher next year which is a huge honor because it means my boss thinks that I can positively influence other aspiring teachers. 34 more days until summer!
Enough work talk...

On to more important topics...

Like Charlie!

He is 8 months old tomorrow!
He currently weighs 21.10 pounds and is 29 inches tall.
Ladies and gentleman, we have a football player on our hands!
He has two bottom teeth and loves to say "momma" and "dadda" nonstop!
He also enjoys singing and electrical outlets.
He loves to pull himself up on just about everything and is getting brave enough to let go of things to see how long he can stand on his own. He loves to crawl around our floors and his favorite place to hang out is in the bathroom (Yuck!).

Our spring brink trip went very well. 17 hours in a car didn't phase our happy little chubby cubby at all. Went took him to the ocean and he ate some sand. We explored Charleston, SC and the little town of Folly Beach where we stayed with two other couples. It was too short of a trip to be worth the 17 hour drive there and back, but I loved being away with my boys. Also, I am thoroughly impressed that all three of us and all of the baby junk fit into my little Beetle. I am in need of a better mom mobile ASAP, but I LOVE my bug and don't want to give it up!

Every weekend from here until June is booked for us! Tony is a bestman in two weddings so we have showers, bachelor/ bachelorette parties, and wedding up the wazoo! We have to fly to California for one and organizing that was a major PITA, but it was worth it because I love the couple and I LOVE Cali!

In other news...

We are officially trying to get pregnant again this cycle. Our hope is for a spring baby, but we would feel blessed no matter when he or she comes. If he or she never does come, I feel beyond blessed to have Charlie. I know that going through what we have been through has given me a different perspective on motherhood. I don't take a moment for granted. Even when I am drop dead tired, I never forget what a blessing he is. I also think having Charlie also makes the miscarriages a little more difficult in ways... I know they weren't formed or viable, but I still wonder what they would have been. I wonder if they would have the same color of eyes as Charlie or if they a would be as mild tempered as he his...

I also wonder if Charlie was always my first, but his time wasn't meant to be until it was... I wonder if his soul was just waiting to to join that little baby body when I was finally able to carry it. I will never have the answers, but I have my Charlie and that is good enough.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Birthday Wish...

Today is my 29th birthday...

For the last three years I have wished for a baby on this day...

Two years ago I lost a baby on this day... Or at least the beginning of one...

This year got to snuggle my wish to sleep...

So this year I wished for his health and happiness...

Thursday, March 18, 2010

100 Word Update...

Work's good but busy...

Charlie is getting big...

And he's getting a tooth...

On the bottom…

Sleeps through the night…


Goodbye 3-6 month clothes...

Hello 6-9 month clothes...

Almost Crawling...

We want another...

Ovulated last Monday...

Hello first period since forever or...

Maybe a baby?

I’ll keep you updated…


Holy shit…


Let’s not get ahead of ourselves…

My birthday is almost here…

My wish from last year has come true…

Big spring break trip to North Carolina with friends soon…

Where to begin with the packing?

Only 55 until summer break…

Can’t wait…

Love my little boy!

Monday, February 8, 2010

On being back to work...

It is not so bad. No tears shed. Does that make me a bad mom? No... At least I don't think it does. I love my lil' bear, but I am glad to be back. And Charlie totally got the "it is time to sleep through the night" memo, because he has been a champ at sleeping lately (knock on wood)...

Things are crazy and I have no time, but I kind of like craziness... I think it is because I am always trying to control it and so perhaps it is a fun challenge rather than burden. Charlie is so happy with who is taking care of him and I am too. Everybody tries (or at least tells me they do) to follow his routine and he is still such a happy boy. I think all the change of scenery is good for him and will make him more adaptable. Anyways... It is time for bed and I am beat!

17 more weeks until summer break... 8 more until spring break... And Wednesday is looking like a snow day... I really could use a cuddle day so I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Friday, January 29, 2010


Dooms day is coming in our household...

Monday is a big day...

The time has come where I must return to work...

I think I am going to do better than everyone expects. I love my little guy so much and have so enjoyed our time together, but I am excited to start using my mind for things aside from mom duties. I am also pretty realistic about things...

As shallow as it sounds, I like having extra money. If we managed our money better I probably could stay home, but I like driving a new car and I like our vacations and I know that Charlie will thrive during the day with the people I have asked to take care of him. My sister-in-law is taking him three days a week and my cousin is taking him one day a week. Both are teachers and both have little cuties of their own. One the fifth day, my in-laws are taking him and I know that they'll give him amazing lovin'.

The thing that makes me most nervous is the sleeping deal. He has slept through the night 2 nights in a row, but I am not holding my breath that this will last. It is awesome though... I have worked really hard to get Charlie into a routine and I am so hoping that everybody at least tries to keep in on it. He is like his momma in that he likes to have a plan about things. When we do his routine he is happy when we don't I have a cranky baby. The routine also allows Charlie to visit with his dad in the evening. When he is off, he gets tired sooner which cuts down on the quality time with dad and soon to be me.

Anyway... I'll post about how it all goes next week for any interested parties.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

A New Routine...

So my in my last post I was seriously sleep deprived. Since then, we have implemented a new routine. It is the E.A.S.Y routine. Basically, Charlie eats, then does activities, then sleeps so I can have "you" time. This is The Baby Whisperer's' method and it truly makes my days easier. He is a much happier baby on this routine. At night we have made improvements but he still wakes 2-3 times per night so there is work to be done. He is finally sleeping in his crib now for the majority of sleep. I also don't have to nurse him to get him back to sleep (although it is a much easier way of doing so). Another big improvement is that he puts himself to sleep for naps and bed pretty well with only a little down time before. This routine is really working well for our family and it makes being a mommy so much easier. Most importantly, he seems really happier with the changes. He barely ever cries now and I love that he feels so content with us!