Friday, August 19, 2011

Up North!

We are on our way up north as I'm blogging. Thank heaven for IPhones! This will be a much needed break before the craziness of school starts again. Up north is always fun filled family time with no obligations of home life and I definitely need this time. Being at home has been extremely taxing lately. I think any mom who has lost 5 months of sleep living with a teething baby probably feels like me right now, but I have extreme guilt because I feel this way. I never take a moment with my children for granted because I know what a true blessing they are and how lucky we are to have both of them, but I am just in need of a little break. Tony has been working mad-crazy hours and sometimes I feel like a single mom. He has been gearing up to travel to Germany for work which is an amazing opportunity, but holy Hannah his job is demanding. As P-Diddy says, "More money, more problems."

Anyways... Enough of the whining...

My baby boy is almost two! Where had the time gone? I love that he and I hold tiny two year old conversations (mostly about trucks, trains and tractors) and I love his sense of humor. I also love how he mimics everything including some choice swear words that his momma may have uttered once or twice.

My baby girl is almost 6 months old and still refusing the bottle even when it has boob juice in it. I do believe she is also popping a bottom tooth. We are really working on a routine, but she is her momma's daughter and her strong will tells us that she'll eat and sleep when she is damned well ready.

That's all for now! We are almost there!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Formula is not poison!

Dear Stubborn Girl of Mine,
Formula is not poison! Since you refuse to drink it, you cannot get any teeth because in case you didn't know, your momma has serious issues with breastfeeding and teeth.
Thanks and love,

But seriously... It's just formula. We've tried every kind out there and she refuses them all. She is as stubborn as me... Oh the teen years should be fun!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Catching up...

So it has been quite a while (hello 4 months) since I updated, but cut me some slack. Being a mom of 2 is busy work. I am just going to break it down simple style since I really should be working on my thesis instead of leisurely catching up on blogging...

Tony and I had our first date night away from the kiddos
I got my hair chopped ridiculously short to make mornings easier
Mother's Day was celebrated with breakfast in bed, flowers and chocolate
Evie got baptized
I went back to work...
Charlie adores tractors and all things outside

Summer break started!
We attended a massive amount of open houses and weddings (one in which I was the minister)!
Father's day was celebrated with a huge cookout/ pool party with family
Evie started rolling, and sticking her tongue out, and blowing raspberries
Charlie adores holding his "sissy" and opening the refrigerator for snacks

We celebrated the 4th at the beach with friends
Tony and I celebrated 5 married years together (14 total years together)
Evie started screaming in her little voice, got her ears pierced and tried solid food
Much to my dismay, Charlie loves to entertain his sissy by jumping on her bouncers while she's in them and sitting on her for horsey rides...
My new nephew was born and my dad had a stroke

We are seriously considering buying investment land.
Tony is working some mad crazy hours
Grandpa has recovered well so far from his stroke
Evie is eating like a champ
Charlie is talking up a storm and we can hardly believe he'll be two soon

So there is a down and dirty of what's up. It is crazy around here and I love every sleepless moment of it!

She looks like she's terrified of him, but really she is fascinated by him.

Yes that is Dorito dust on his face and perhaps my daughter's first real underwear (diaper) flash (Hollywood here she comes!), but what a couple of cute kiddos!