Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Are we really ready?
This is the question I have been obsessing about over the last several weeks. Financially, we'll be okay. Timing is not exactly perfect with my impending internship, but we could manage. Marriage wise, I know we love each other, but we bicker (fight actually) a lot about stupid stuff. Lately we have been at each other's throats. I am not sure if the fighting is due to work related stuff or if the stress of a new roommate has gotten to us, but I'd really like our marriage to be as strong as possible before we add to our family. It seems like the tension would not make for a very happy home. Another one of my concerns is that we are young (sort of) and still have many partying habits. I know without a doubt that these could easily go for me, but I am not so sure if he is truly at that point yet. We have definitely discussed all these concerns with each other, but I am still uneasy. I am also afraid. I am afraid that I will be stretched too thin to do all of the things a mom needs to do and continue to do all of the things my job requires of me. I am swamped with my studies for my Masters program and all of the homework I bring home to grade every night. Plus, I barely keep up with the housework now, I can't imagine what it will be like when I'm sleep deprived and have the massive responsibility of an infant. I wish that there was some way to look in to the future and know that everything will work out. Since there isn't this guarantee, I'll just have to let fate shake things out and see what happens.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Trying Again...

April was a long month of waiting... Dr. Hardas told us to wait one cycle before trying again and AF took forever to finally come. She has arrived and now I am starting to feel pretty anxious about trying again. I am not really up to going through everything again. I know that this is irrational thinking, but it is where I'm at and I am sure in a couple of weeks I will change my mind.