Thursday, April 7, 2011

What a ride!

Okay so though it is a month overdue, here is the story about the day Evie entered the world:
February 28th - Nest, nest, nest! House is totally cleaned and I am praying this baby stays put until the schedule c-section On March 8th... No dice...
March 2nd 5:00am - Get up and get ready for work like normal.
Take Charlie to my bro and sister-in-law's and drop him off quick to avoid the tears that are a new thing for us...
As I am making my quick escape I think " hmmm maybe I should go back in and pee because I am leaking a Lil bit... Nah, I'll hold it until school."
Waddle into my classroom and promptly to the bathroom leaking all the way.
I then decide I need to go back home and change my pants because I am sure I have pissed them. So then I call my BFF who is also my co-teacher down to my room and only then does it occur to me that my water may have broke. She rushed down just in time to convince me to call my Obgyn. I did and then, after cleaning my house an a quick trip to Burger King to fulfill a craving, we finally made it to the hospital. Since I had no contractions my option were a repeat c-section or induction...
Fuck Pitocin... I opted for the c-section which resulted in a totally pain free delivery and a beautiful girl named Evelyn. The stay the hospital was less than steller (a story for a different day) but the recovery has been good. I am now, seven weeks later, a pro at being a mom of two little blessings. I even have gone grocery shopping alone with both babies!