Monday, September 5, 2011

2 years and 6 months...

I now have a two year old in my house! Can you say AWESOME? I can't believe two years have gone by since lil Charlie joined this world. He runs, and laughs and talks and he is just amazing! We celebrated his birthday with 20 of our closest peeps. Even though it is totally against every manner guide, I asked for limited toys... We are really overloaded with toys and have little space to store anything else. Plus, I am against most toys with batteries and end up banishing them to the basement where they see little use. He didn't really notice. He ate massive amounts of cake at his party and played with balloons and jumped in his bounce house. His smile told me that he had a blast! He is just a little charmer!
Our little Ms. Six Month Old Evie is teething! She got her first tooth a couple of days ago, and let me tell ya, she has slept like shit through this process. Poor kid and poor mom... Now that I am back to work, I can't slide those afternoon naps in and bedtime can't come quick enough. She is such a sweet, pleasant baby, but I can't help but feel like she only tolerates me. She is a daddy's girl all they way... She does flash the best smiles that warm your heart. She is rolling and almost sitting. She is interested in everything her bother does which is very endearing to me because they get along so well right now (I know this won't last). She also, finally has a bedroom. Charlie is now in a big boy bed and Evie has a pink room. Even though she is still sleeping with us most of the time, I am hoping soon she'll start to get sick of her daddy's snoring and my constant bed hogging and want to sleep in her own space.

Just another day in the life of the Murph's... Paradise!