Saturday, April 24, 2010

Busy, busy, busy...

Just when I though life couldn't get busier, it does! Work has been killing me lately. So much grading and so many extra activities are bogging me down. The good news is that I am getting my tenure and in the teaching business, this is a BIG deal. I am also getting a student teacher next year which is a huge honor because it means my boss thinks that I can positively influence other aspiring teachers. 34 more days until summer!
Enough work talk...

On to more important topics...

Like Charlie!

He is 8 months old tomorrow!
He currently weighs 21.10 pounds and is 29 inches tall.
Ladies and gentleman, we have a football player on our hands!
He has two bottom teeth and loves to say "momma" and "dadda" nonstop!
He also enjoys singing and electrical outlets.
He loves to pull himself up on just about everything and is getting brave enough to let go of things to see how long he can stand on his own. He loves to crawl around our floors and his favorite place to hang out is in the bathroom (Yuck!).

Our spring brink trip went very well. 17 hours in a car didn't phase our happy little chubby cubby at all. Went took him to the ocean and he ate some sand. We explored Charleston, SC and the little town of Folly Beach where we stayed with two other couples. It was too short of a trip to be worth the 17 hour drive there and back, but I loved being away with my boys. Also, I am thoroughly impressed that all three of us and all of the baby junk fit into my little Beetle. I am in need of a better mom mobile ASAP, but I LOVE my bug and don't want to give it up!

Every weekend from here until June is booked for us! Tony is a bestman in two weddings so we have showers, bachelor/ bachelorette parties, and wedding up the wazoo! We have to fly to California for one and organizing that was a major PITA, but it was worth it because I love the couple and I LOVE Cali!

In other news...

We are officially trying to get pregnant again this cycle. Our hope is for a spring baby, but we would feel blessed no matter when he or she comes. If he or she never does come, I feel beyond blessed to have Charlie. I know that going through what we have been through has given me a different perspective on motherhood. I don't take a moment for granted. Even when I am drop dead tired, I never forget what a blessing he is. I also think having Charlie also makes the miscarriages a little more difficult in ways... I know they weren't formed or viable, but I still wonder what they would have been. I wonder if they would have the same color of eyes as Charlie or if they a would be as mild tempered as he his...

I also wonder if Charlie was always my first, but his time wasn't meant to be until it was... I wonder if his soul was just waiting to to join that little baby body when I was finally able to carry it. I will never have the answers, but I have my Charlie and that is good enough.