Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Soon I'll be peeing on a stick to see if we'll have a chance at an April baby... Woot!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

A little honesty

Honestly Aunt Flow, you are a fucking cunt...

Monday, July 9, 2012

Catching up...

Well I'll start this post like most of my posts... It has been a while! A lot of things are new in our lives, but mostly things are the same. Though I am on summer break, big changes are coming in regards to my work. I have been promoted to the counseling position at the high school level due to the unfortunate cuts that have been made in our district. This is not a move I chose, but it will be a good one. It does however mean that I MUST finish my thesis so I can finally receive my masters degree. Eek! We are half heartedly looking for a new place. We like our house, but would like to upgrade. Our biggest barrier is that the market is shit and we have no equity so we may be here for a few more years. It would be so nice to upgrade with all the good deals out there, but we must talk to a realtor to see what our options are. I am currently on summer break and our family has been busy, busy, busy. Over Memorial Day we went up north to visit friends and had a blast camping out in a borrowed RV. Then, in June, I went away to NYC for a girls get away and I had a BLAST! I totally missed the babies, but it was just what I needed and I found out that $600 dollar bottle service tends to ease homesickness. The rest of June was spend bouncing from open house to open house and taking Charlie to preschool summer camp. When July rolled around we decided to spend 5 of the hottest, most humid days camping... In a fucking tent... It was not pleasant, but my kiddos loved being grubby and I got a hell of a tan going so it wasn't all bad. Wait... Yes it was bad... Yesterday, Tony and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary. We did a scenic drive through the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Forrest and then went to dinner and watched the sunset on the Lake Michigan shore line all while the inlaws spoiled our kiddos rotten. The next day our awesome inlaws let us sleep in until noon which felt AMAZING. This July will mark our 15th year of dating, so we truly do have a lot to celebrate. For the rest of July, we are going to stay busy. Charlie will continue preschool three days per week and Evie will attend music class once a week. My dad will be able to come home from the nursing home finally so we will be visiting Grammy and Grandpa's house for family breakfasts again soon. We have been awaiting this moment since he had his stroke in April! At the end of the month we'll go on the annual Murphy tubing' trip. To round out this babbling post... Evie's getting big! No more bottles, but she still uses the paci for sleeping... Teething is a bitch but she only has two more to pop then we are home free until the two year molars come... She sleeps through the night now mostly... And even in her own crib, again mostly... She has such a strong willed personality and really is just a joy to be around. She is so much like me. Charlie is a big boy! He loves preschool and is mostly potty trained. He talks constantly and always has something funny to say. He is a kind, loving boy and I can't believe he'll be three in a month. We are trying for #3... The 2 week wait still sucks and the thought of miscarring is unbearable, but we are moving forward and I'll be posting again soon... Probably not soon, but definitely again.

Thursday, March 29, 2012


Yeah I said it...

The P-Word... My boy is all signed up and will be starting preschool 2 (full) days per week this summer and 4 full days in the fall.

Holy Hannah I can't believe this...

Charlie is still my baby... I sense this kind of thinking will cause many tears as he does things like go to kindergarten, graduates high school and gets married...

So to prepare for school, we must potty train. He does fine with peeing on the potty, but refuses to poop. This is a spring break to do at the Murph's house. We'll see how it goes... Who knows, maybe Evie will get in on the action... One can only dream!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

One is so fun!

We have a one year old! Can you believe how fast that went? It has been an awesome year. We celebrated her big day with tons of family and friends. She received tons of toys and clothes and our house is now at max capacity!

Evie now walks, babbles, drinks regular milk and is growing like crazy! She has such a little personality and it really just feels like she's always been with us.

People always tell me to enjoy this time because it flies, and I assure them, I love every sleepless moment.