Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Week 26... What? WHAT?

Holy shit! 
In 14 weeks I am going to be a mom of 3!!! 
I am so blessed and so tired! 

This baby is a mover! So much so, that we have had 3 ultrasounds to get all the normal measurements from the "big" ultrasound. Everything looks good so far. We are blessed especially to think of the road we've had getting here. 

I have super low iron (explains why I am tired) but no gestational diabetes! Woot! Momma likes the sugar. I am scheduled for my c-section on November 25th. This is a forced surgery, since I failed at popping the last two out my vag. Since we know the delivery date, we are letting the gender be a surprise. The only person who knows is by BFF who as been charged with the responsibility of getting super cute coming home clothes for the bambino. She is the only one I could trust to not crack under my constant pestering to find out the gender.

I would post a current ultrasound picture, but we didn't get a clear one from the last ultrasounds.
Here are the coming home outfits instead:

PS- The names are Frankie or Audrey.
Franklin Anthony 
Audrey Marie 

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